Alpha Tales series – An Alpha in Sheep’s Clothing

Celestial Mechanics series – Blue Moon Bar

Cereus series – Building, Opening, Training,  Rescue – with Sean Michael, BA Tortuga

Cirque Caprice series – Tarot, Tumbling, Flying, Ringmaster

Club Raven – Happy Medium

Desert Dragons series – Turquoise TrailCoyote Dance, Adobe Healing, Raven Dreams, Journey Home

Elemental Ops series – Ice, Teamwork, Found, Vanished

Faster Bobcat series – Hot Tin Roof, Bouncer Bear

Full Moon Dating series – New Moon

Grizzly List series – Bear Wanted, One and Only Bear, Bearly Working

Keeping Score series – One Up, Two Down, Third Time’s the Charm

Midnight Rodeo series – Big Bear, Little Bear,  Light a Rocket

Riding Cowboy Flats series – Jackass Flats

Spirits series (with BA Tortuga) – Moonshine, Absinthe

Thatcher Brothers series – Jumping, Landing and Taking, A Christmas Fire

The Cat House series – Catnip Crazy, Cats and Dogs