Book Cover: Thorns
Part of the Bloodrose series:
  • Thorns

Things go bump in the night at this exclusive paranormal club...

Club Bloodrose is an exclusive club for all manner of creatures of the night, from vampires to werewolves to demons. The four stories in Thorns revolve around the inhabitants of the Bloodrose and their lives and loves.

In An Itch to Scratch, werewolf Deke has this itch. He loves to be bitten by vampires, and he wants a safe place to get his scratching. Kasey is a vamp who doesn't play with his food, at least until he meets Deke. Then he knows he has to take a chance on getting involved. Will they be able to find the balance in power a vampire and a werewolf need to be together? Deke and Kasey return in The Werewolf Code, working their day jobs as private investigators. When a genetic mutation threatens werewolf kind, Deke and Kasey have to solve the case fast, or risk losing everything.

In Belling the Cat, vampire Jonny has everything he wants in life. Club Bloodrose is his baby, and he should be totally fulfilled running it. He knows something is missing in his life, but isn't sure what until he meets cat shifter Luc, who's intent on stealing information Jonny is hiding. Luc has a past and needs Jonny's files, but that's all he wants from the handsome vamp. Right? Finally, in Emerald Eyes, Luc's brother Yves is a rockhound who needs a set of priceless emeralds to right an old wrong. When things start to go badly for Yves, his brother sends him a bodyguard, a werewolf named Reuben. The last thing Yves needs is a watchdog, especially one as sexy, and annoying as Reuben. Right?

All of the novellas in Thorns have been previously published and have been re-edited for new publication.

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives