Welcome to Julia Talbot! (And Minerva Howe)

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I write romances of all genders, from GLBT to het. Specializing in hot werewolves, wickedly naughty historicals and the occasional smokejumper or cowboy, I write characters I’d want to know and love. I love to explore paranormals with a genuine sense of fun, historical romances that don’t take themselves too seriously, and a good bit of slap and tickle.

Also? I love a good, old-fashioned bit of… Right. Uh. Smooching. I love smooching. 😉

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Out Now!

The third in the Alpha Tales series. Book 1 is An Alpha in Sheep’s Clothing and Book 2 is Packmate for Hire.

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The newest Full Moon Dating. Isaiah and Jameson

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Out Now! Fangs for the Memories – Book 2 of the Dead and Breakfast series

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Night  of the Living Manny

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Book 8 in the shared universe Midnight Rodeo series.