The Dragon’s Dilemma

Ed Chang is happy working at the Midnight Rodeo. Mostly. He's got way more responsibility than his family ever let him have at home, he gets to care for his longma, the mythical dragon horses of China, and he travels the world. The only problem is that Ed is lonely, and no one at the rodeo wants to scratch his itch.

Seamus is just a little dragon, not at all like his sister, who rides at the rodeo. He's also used to causing trouble. He doesn't mean to set things on fire or knock things over. His brain just moves too fast for his body to catch up. No one has any patience for him, at least until he meets Ed.

Ed and Seamus just might be perfect for each other, but someone else wants Seamus, too, and his intentions aren't good. Can they keep Seamus safe and fall in love at the same time?


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