Minerva Howe

Stories that leave a mark…

Minerva Howe is Julia Talbot’s kinkier alter ego, with stories that range from spicy to downright habanero.

Found Vampire – MM Paranromal with BDSM elements.

Brant’s best friend Mal is on his way home from Paul and Brant’s cabin, having snowmobiled up to see his friend. On the return trip, hears someone calling him, which is impossible over the motor noise. Impossible, but he finds the man calling to him, a nearly frozen vampire Mal can hear talking in his head.

Henri is an Acadian vampire who hears voices in his head. He knows he’s crazy, but has no idea that bonding with a Guardian werewolf will help him, even as he forms a connection with Mal.

Both of them have reasons to fight the bond in the short term, but when it comes down to it, only Mal’s discipline will save Henri from the voices, and from himself

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