The Shadow of the Count

Book Cover: The Shadow of the Count
Part of the The Peculiars series:

When Peter Hilliard joined the band of 1920s adventurers he fondly calls the Peculiars, he had no idea he would be doing more than researching things in dusty old books. As a librarian, that's his job after all. Instead, he found himself in Egypt, and falling in love with another man. Now Peter feels like he needs to prove himself, to find a way to support himself and his lover so they can be together and not be dependent on anyone else. That's why he's heading off to Romania to catalog a dusty old library for a long-lived count.

Don Fitzhugh doesn't want Peter to leave him, but he understands that a man has his pride, so he waits in London while Peter runs off to Romania. When Peter sets off a chain of events that leads to the Romanian count coming to London and proving to Don once again that there's evil alive in the world, the Peculiars all band together to stop it. From a playboy millionaire to a Texas cowboy, as a man, they come together to face the count and try to save their friends, but will it be too little too late? Don and Peter must remember two things: they have each other as well as their friends and family, and that, hopefully, love can conquer all, even their own insecurities. As long as they can stay alive.

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives