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Come to Hot Tin Roof, a club where shifters come to play and meet their mates.

In Faster Bobcat, exotic dancer and cat shifter Aleksy never dates clients. or shifters. Until he meets, Rafe, who he just can’t resist. In Bouncer Bear, Trey feels totally out of place when he hires on as a bouncer at Hot Tin Roof. Until Sammy and his boyfriend Jordan welcome him into their world, and show him what it’s like to submit to their demands. Finally, in Silver Fox, Noah is a bored were-cougar until he meets assertive silver fox shifter Toland, who teaches him all about how he can find what he needs when he bends completely to Toland’s will.

Faster Bobcat is a collection of previously published novelettes that have shifters, a little dommy fun, and happy endings.

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How to Be the Oldest – A Dragon Sanctuary Holiday Story

Minerva Howe

“Deck the halls with lots of firewood, fa la la la la…”

“La la la LA.” Sebastian sang along with his Uncle Zeke, carrying the biggest armload of firewood he could. He had found out, just this year, just today, that being the oldest meant that one got up early to go out and do the chores so all the other siblings and cousins could sleep in.

Good thing he had Uncle Zeke to teach him all about being the old one. He thought Zee was the very best uncle ever.

They got to feed the alpacas and the chickens, who were very hungry, and he milked Selena the good goat while Zee milked the others, and Zee taught him the carol about milking — “O milk the goats! They make the bestest cheeses!”

“What comes next, Zee?” Sebby asked.

Zeke glanced over, rainbow-colored eyes whirling at him. “In the chores or the song?”

“Both!” They laughed together, and then a thought hit Sebastian. “Zee, are you excited about Santa?”

“I am.” Zeke nodded, putting Millie goat into position. “Come pour this into the iced bucket?” 

“Uh-huh.” He moved carefully to tip the milk into the holding bucket, which was actually set into another one packed with snow. Goat milk had to be cold, or it would go nasty. Nah-stee. “I hope I got my book.”

“I think Santa loves to give books best.”

“Even if all the stories and songs are about him making toys?”

“Just think how cool and different books must be then.” Zeke gave him an arch look.

He pondered that. It made sense, and Zee knew things. Zee was the guardian of their dragon clutch, and one day Sebastian would go away — not far, because he loved his family — and make a home of his own, maybe with Preston and Keifer and the others of his generation. 

They would need more room when they found mates and had babies like their fathers had.

“I like that. I like books and toys and Santa, but I love my daddies and uncles and babies and you, Zee.”

“I love you too, my Sebby.” Zeke stood and stretched, the goats all milling around. “Okay, all we have left is checking the water lines to the greenhouse and taking the milk inside.”

“Checking lines. Where are the lines?” He looked all around.

“The ones I mean are tubes the water goes through for the plants. We need to make sure they’re not frozen. I can show you how to do that next time, though. Why don’t you take the milk in? I bet your dad is up helping Abe and Seth cook by now.”

“No. No, I will help.” He needed to know this. He was going to be a good alpha. He was going to make his Uncle Zee so proud. He was going to be strong and brave.

“Oh, Sebby. I’m so proud. I’m proud right now. You are brave and loving and strong, and I love you.” Zeke reached out to grip his shoulder. 

His heart melted. “I love you too! The milk will stay cold in the snow.”

“Okay, kiddo. I’ll show you then.” Zeke led the way through the trail they’d kept shoveled in the deep snow, off to the heated greenhouse.

By the time they went back inside, he wasn’t sure he understood everything about water lines, but he knew what they were and how to clear one, and he might only need Zeke to show him one more time before he did it alone…

They headed in, snow crusted on their hats and boots, and he felt tall. 

“Papa! We have the milk!” He carried it so carefully, not spilling a drop.

His father smiled for him, coming to take the bucket. “Well done. I wondered where you’d got off to.”

“M’the oldest. S’my job.” His nose quivered at a yummy sweet. “Hot choccie?”

“I bet there is. And cinnamon rolls. And bacon. Daddy has been busy.” 

“Cinnamom…” Sebby smacked his lips. “Yay.” 

“Yes.” His papa looked over his head at Zeke. “Anything Samuel needs to do?”

“We got it all, didn’t we, Sebby? He’s the best helper ever. I think we both deserve choccie.”

“We do! It’s cold as…snow out there.”

“Good choice of words, kiddo.” Zeke winked at him, and he giggled. 

“Can I go change, Papa?” His pants were soggy.

“If you’re quiet, huh?”

“Uh-huh.” He needed fuzzy socks and maybe his softest jammies. So he snuck off to his room, not wanting to wake up Preston. 

His brother was up though, peering at him with bright eyes. “Sebby? Christmas!”

“Uh-huh,” he whispered. “Daddy still asleep?” 

“No. He’s waiting for me to wakes up.”

“Oh. Do you need to go potty? You should go before we get Daddy.”

“Pwease.” Preston’s little grin was so cute. “I wanna be a big boy.”

“So soon. You are a good reader already. Come on.” Sebby got his baby boy up and dressed and to the bathroom, then he grabbed Preston’s hand. “Let’s go get Daddy.”

“’Kay. C’mon, Fractal.” 

The arctic fox who was their best friend stretched and yawned but followed them happily. He liked bacon a lot. 

They pounced on Daddy’s bed with cries of, “Merry Christmas!”

“Oh, are my boys awake!” Daddy gathered them both into a hug, his arms so strong. “Merry Christmas.”

“I did all the chores, Daddy. I milked and fed and stuff with Zee.” He wanted Daddy to be so proud of him.

“Oh, wow. And I got to stay in bed. You’re amazing. I’m proud of you for helping Zeke and learning so much. And I’m proud of you for staying in bed, Preston, and letting me rest.”

“Thank you, Daddy. Christmas now.”

“Yes, my good boys. Christmas now. Let’s go to the kitchen!” 

He got a huge hug and a smile, Daddy’s blue eyes warm and happy.

Everyone else would be there. He could hear excited noises. Sebby beamed. He loved his family, and this was the best day to spend with them, because he got to give them presents. 

And get them too.

He took Daddy’s hand as Preston gripped the other, and they headed off to Christmas, singing all the way. 

It was going to be wonderful. 



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Gunnar is pretty happy to be a mostly retired black ops soldier, working security for the Marcon pack in the Colorado mountains. He loves the whole crazy pack of alpha and kids, but sometimes he gets a little envious of the loving relationships he sees all around him. So when new teacher Kai shows up unexpectedly, he has his worries about the guy, but he also wants to get to know Kai. Intimately.

Kai isn’t just at the Marcon pack home to teach the many children they’ve adopted. He’s been hired by Nose to Tail as added security, because of a threat to the children’s safety. He’s supposed to be there on the downlow, so even though he wants to tell Gunnar why he’s arrived, he knows he has to keep it to himself. He’s never met anyone like Gunnar, though, never been part of a pack, so he has no idea what he’s in for.

Kai and Gunnar have to navigate a growing mate bond, a danger to the pack that might just end their relationship before it starts, and find trust in each other. Can they do all that before it’s too late?

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Out now, on preorder and coming soon

Hey y’all! I’m a little behind

Out now by Minerva Howe

Book 2 in the Dragon Hoard series

Wolf Moon is on preorder now and out Feb 16!

On preorder here!

Coming in March for the Julia Talbot pen name, there will finally be a new Nose to Tail book to go along with Wolfmanny! This is Gunny’s story, and it’s called Wolf Maneuvers. As soon as I get a cover, y’all will see it!

Home for the Howlidays by Julia is out now!

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Bear shifter Tanner loves his B&B and his adopted family of vampires, shifters and more that come with it. The problem is that all of his friends are finding their mates, and he’s still alone. And lonely.

When a kindly truck driver drops spirit bear Kody off in Colorado with his three orphaned bear cubs, he has no memory of his old life and no idea what he’d going to do to keep his cubs alive. Then he finds the Dead and Breakfast Inn and asks for work. He thinks Tanner is the kindest man he’s ever met, and both Kody and Tanner immediately know this is where Kody is supposed to be.

Kody keeps having visions that someone is coming for him, though, and even as Tanner tried to help Kody settle in, he knows he has to figure out what the threat is and make sure it can’t hurt Kody, or his new babies. Can the crew at the Dead and Breakfast pull off a holiday miracle in time for Kody and Tanner to find the love they both need so much?

Mountain Lion and Bobcat out now!

James Pearson is sick of being down and out. The Apex tech guru has been in a wheelchair since a client gone bad poisoned him, and he’s determined to find out who’s behind their run of seriously bad luck. He’s also dreaming of a certain bobcat shifter, and he can’t figure out if Hank was real, or if he was just a figment of James’ fevered imagination.

Hank DeLong wants to leave undercover work behind him, and he’s missing the connection he felt with James when he was working with Apex Investigations. So when he gets the chance to go back and help the PI firm figure out how all of their recent issues are connected, he jumps at the chance.

Not only do Hank and James have to deal with the mate bond they can feel forming, they also have to fight the danger lurking around every corner for the team. Can they heal James and bring all the threads together before someone gets killed?

Available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Coming soon – Mountain Lion and Bobcat

Apex Investigations 3, coming September 15, 2020

Apex tech guru James has been pretty down. When a murderous ex-client of the PI firm poisons him, it leaves mountain lion shifter taking too long to heal and in a wheelchair until his legs start working. He’s also having dreams about a certain bobcat shifter who worked with them on the last case, but he can’t remember if Hank is real of just a product of his imagination.

Undercover cop turned fed Hank is burned out and wishing he was still at Apex, even though that whole experience bordered on deadly. When the rest of the guys from Apex stage an intervention and hijack Hank to come help them figure out who keeps coming after them, he feels like he’s finally home, and his connection with James is a huge part of that idea. They have a bond that goes beyond intense attraction. They’re mates, and Hank knows it’s up to him to help Hank heal and to get the investigation into the recent string of crimes they’ve encountered back on track.

When the criminal element would rather stay in jail than deal with whatever forces are moving against Apex, Hank and James know things are bad. As they trace all the threads that lead back to the PI agency, they have to fight tooth and claw to keep each other, and all their chosen shifter famliy, alive while they also figure out how to make their mating bond work under extreme stress.