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Come to Hot Tin Roof, a club where shifters come to play and meet their mates.

In Faster Bobcat, exotic dancer and cat shifter Aleksy never dates clients. or shifters. Until he meets, Rafe, who he just can’t resist. In Bouncer Bear, Trey feels totally out of place when he hires on as a bouncer at Hot Tin Roof. Until Sammy and his boyfriend Jordan welcome him into their world, and show him what it’s like to submit to their demands. Finally, in Silver Fox, Noah is a bored were-cougar until he meets assertive silver fox shifter Toland, who teaches him all about how he can find what he needs when he bends completely to Toland’s will.

Faster Bobcat is a collection of previously published novelettes that have shifters, a little dommy fun, and happy endings.