Coming soon – Mountain Lion and Bobcat

Apex Investigations 3, coming September 15, 2020

Apex tech guru James has been pretty down. When a murderous ex-client of the PI firm poisons him, it leaves mountain lion shifter taking too long to heal and in a wheelchair until his legs start working. He’s also having dreams about a certain bobcat shifter who worked with them on the last case, but he can’t remember if Hank is real of just a product of his imagination.

Undercover cop turned fed Hank is burned out and wishing he was still at Apex, even though that whole experience bordered on deadly. When the rest of the guys from Apex stage an intervention and hijack Hank to come help them figure out who keeps coming after them, he feels like he’s finally home, and his connection with James is a huge part of that idea. They have a bond that goes beyond intense attraction. They’re mates, and Hank knows it’s up to him to help Hank heal and to get the investigation into the recent string of crimes they’ve encountered back on track.

When the criminal element would rather stay in jail than deal with whatever forces are moving against Apex, Hank and James know things are bad. As they trace all the threads that lead back to the PI agency, they have to fight tooth and claw to keep each other, and all their chosen shifter famliy, alive while they also figure out how to make their mating bond work under extreme stress.

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