Home for the Howlidays by Julia is out now!

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Bear shifter Tanner loves his B&B and his adopted family of vampires, shifters and more that come with it. The problem is that all of his friends are finding their mates, and he’s still alone. And lonely.

When a kindly truck driver drops spirit bear Kody off in Colorado with his three orphaned bear cubs, he has no memory of his old life and no idea what he’d going to do to keep his cubs alive. Then he finds the Dead and Breakfast Inn and asks for work. He thinks Tanner is the kindest man he’s ever met, and both Kody and Tanner immediately know this is where Kody is supposed to be.

Kody keeps having visions that someone is coming for him, though, and even as Tanner tried to help Kody settle in, he knows he has to figure out what the threat is and make sure it can’t hurt Kody, or his new babies. Can the crew at the Dead and Breakfast pull off a holiday miracle in time for Kody and Tanner to find the love they both need so much?

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