Wolf Maneuvers

Book Cover: Wolf Maneuvers
Part of the Nose to Tail Inc. series:

Gunnar is pretty happy to be a mostly retired black ops soldier, working security for the Marcon pack in the Colorado mountains. He loves the whole crazy pack of alpha and kids, but sometimes he gets a little envious of the loving relationships he sees all around him. So when new teacher Kai shows up unexpectedly, he has his worries about the guy, but he also wants to get to know Kai. Intimately.

Kai isn't just at the Marcon pack home to teach the many children they've adopted. He's been hired by Nose to Tail as added security, because of a threat to the children's safety. He's supposed to be there on the downlow, so even though he wants to tell Gunnar why he's arrived, he knows he has to keep it to himself. He's never met anyone like Gunnar, though, never been part of a pack, so he has no idea what he's in for.

Kai and Gunnar have to navigate a growing mate bond, a danger to the pack that might just end their relationship before it starts, and find trust in each other. Can they do all that before it's too late?

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives