Bad Dog

Book Cover: Bad Dog
Part of the Beat the Heat series:
  • Bad Dog

When Joshua is betrothed to alpha Grainger, it's quite a feather in his family's cap. Too bad it's not what he wants, and he knows he's not Grainger's cup of tea either. So when Grainger sends him off to the high Rockies to get trained like he's a naughty puppy, he's pretty sure he's not going to cooperate. He'll hide in his room and disappear like he's done all his life, and no one will ever notice.

Wolf alpha Lachlan is doing his best friend Grainger a favor when he takes on Joshua's training. He's used to teaching alpha mates discipline through BDSM type control, and he never lets his emotions get involved. Except he notices everything where Joshua is concerned, from his beauty to his artistic talent. He's willing to train Joshua, but as their attraction for each other deepens, how does he tell Grainger he wants Joshua for himself?

Book 5 in the Beat the Heat reads series.