One More Yule Log

If baker Gray Carroll has to make one more Yule log cake this holiday season, he might just lose it. So when nine year old Olivia shows up at his store wanting to learn how to make one for her dad, Gray tries to turn her down flat. Olivia is determined, cute, and won't take no for an answer, so Gray agrees to coach her through the process. Doesn't hurt that her dad is kind, handsome, and currently unattached.

Ben Nightingale can't believe Olivia has blackmailed Gray someone into teaching her to bake. He's been too busy with his late husband's real estate business, but he's determined to celebrate Yule with his girl, and to get to know Gray. There's something about Gray that makes Ben believe in the magic of the season, but can he find a way to balance work and family in time for the solstice, or will Olivia and Gray's Yule Log go uneaten?

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives