Stocking Stuffers 2

These stories promise you a special and sparkling Christmas romance in every event— from workaholics faced with real-life truths, Christmas grumps who need to embrace seasonal joy, office high jinks that lead to a more rewarding connection, physical crises faced and conquered with love, and families seeking sincere, seasonal reconciliation. We believe every man deserves his share of seasonal promise, and every couple their happily ever after. Five best-selling authors bring you their own style of loving, all set in this season of fun, hope, and love!

In Pop-Ups by Clare London, Jack's high-powered life leaves no time for anything except a casual friendship-with-benefits with his neighbour and IT expert Henry. Just before Christmas, Jack is alone at home with just his volatile PC, and Henry apparently on his way to a Christmas holiday hideaway. And that's when, to Jack's horror, the pop-ups start appearing.

In A Good Thing by Julia Talbot, Dan hates the season since the accident that ruined his holiday three years ago. Meeting Chris on the street, full of holiday cheer, with the Santa hat, the hot chocolate, and the relentless good will toward his fellow man, may just change Dan’s mind.

In Season’s Greetings by Chrissy Munder, Russ, greeting cards writer and general playboy, is way behind on his big Easter Card project. Is it because ever since new guy Ian was hired, Russ spends all his time writing bad Valentine rhymes to Ian's best asset? Will someone prompt real seasonal romance, or will Russ forever be a man out of season?

In Oranges and Peppermints by BA Tortuga, Jeremiah has special plans for his lover for Christmas, but the Texan weather is against them. Jeremiah is determined to meet the train to bring Charles the happiest holiday possible, but when he isn't back where he belongs in good time, Charles fights the storm to bring him back. Can oranges and peppermints make the season bright for this frozen pair?

In Unto Us the Time has Come by Sean Michael, Kenn and Chris are struggling through a separation neither of them wants, but their pride dictates. To say nothing of the pain it’s causing their kids. Armed with the realization he should change and begin to repair their relationship, Chris takes steps to win his husband back. He just hopes he can get Kenn on the same page before Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives