Jumping, Landing, and Taking

Book Cover: Jumping, Landing, and Taking
Part of the Thatcher Brothers series:
Beautiful Colorado landscapes. Rugged Colorado men. That's what the Thatcher brothers are all about, and you'll get that aplenty in Jumping, Landing, and Taking, which combines all three Thatcher novels by Julia Talbot into one volume.
In Jumping Into Things, pilot and good old boy Jed Thatcher meets his match in Eli Marshall, a macho smoke jumper who isn't interested in anything long term. Jed has never been a forever guy either, but Eli might change his mind. While Jed struggles with Eli, Jed's brother Ross meets Kevin O'Donnell, a young man who makes Ross think the hottest thoughts.
Landing with Both Feet takes both couples into deeper territory. Jed and Eli are spending more time apart than they are together, but they still know the love is there. Ross and Kevin, on the other hand, are drifting apart, and they're not sure they can put it back together. When Ross loses the one thing he cares about, he thinks the worst has happened, but thanks to Jed, the worst is yet to come.
Finally, in Taking the Leap, Jed and Eli feel pretty settled, but Ross is still wandering, looking for something to fill his empty life. He thinks he's found it in Texas, with a good man, a man named Tank, who believes in him, no matter what. If you love the wild Colorado sky and the men who live, and love, there, then grab the Thatchers with both hands!
This is a collected volume of three novels about the same family. They were written as a sort of epic, and may have some situations not traditional to romance novels.
Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives