So much news

Hey y’all! I don’t even know where to start.

I try not to involve my fans in the behind the scenes, but right now I have to say it. Due to non-payment of royatlies, I pulled all my Dreamspinner Press titles in August 2019, and am working on republishing them. I will try to get them all out ASAP, but it’s a costly thing, and it’s taking time.

My most recent re-release is Night of the Living Manny, complete with a new cover by AJ Corza. I heart this cover so much!

You can find it right now on Amazon on Kindle and in KU. After 90 days, it will go wide for a few months on all the other platforms, including Evil Plot Bunny, then back on KU!

Find it here now! It will also be available in paperback soon. Please don’t buy the old cover version from DSP.

Back soon with more updates!



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