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A Night at the Club
by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga “Jonny, can you sign this for me?” A bright-eyed young werewolf held out a clipboard, so Jonny took it, signing the attached papers one by one. God, he was bored. Maybe he needed a vacation. He could take his lover, Luc and go to one of the resorts. Cereus was always good, but Moonflower in Nice was doing quite well for itself, and his kitty mate really did love the warm nights there… “You look like ennui man, old friend.” Kasey clapped him on the shoulder, then bent to kiss his cheek, long hair brushing his skin. “I am. I mean, I could go find Luc, but it’s not physical. I think I need a break. The club is…” “Full of people who should still be sperm, they’re so young?” “Yes!” He felt older every second of every moment watching the youngsters flail about. Kasey understood. He and Kasey were of a vampire age, so to speak. They’d both grown up wearing cravats… “So go, boss. Go take Mr. Kitty and find somewhere amazing to play. Find a new kink. Can you see Luc in corset training?” “No.” He laughed, because Luc was rather the anti-corset. “I can see you doing it to Deke, however.” Kasey looked at him, wide-eyed, and then the wild laughter started, both of them just howling. Werewolf Deke would rip a corset apart with his bare hands. “You two are having too much fun.” As if laughing and thinking about him had conjured him up, Deke appeared, a drink in each big hand. He gave one to Kasey. “House red with a touch of Deke.” “Mmm. My favorite vintage,” Kasey murmured, voice gone rough, dark. “I thought you’d like it.” Jonny watched, his fangs pricking his lower lip. Deke and Kasey made him… hungry. “Should I call Luc?” Deke and Luc were the best of friends, and together, the four of them could quite set the world afire. “You should.” Deke gave him a heated, pleased look. “Come to my quarters, friends. We should find him there.” He led Kasey and Deke down the hall to his private quarters where he knew Luc was lounging. His wonderful, maddening lover. “Let me go first?” Deke asked, almost panting for it. “Sure.” Kasey winked at Jonny. “Wolves. Always so damn eager.” “His playmate is waiting for him.” It amused Jonny to no end that Deke and Luc adored each other so. “Luc! You freak of nature! Where the hell are you?” Jonny watched with a smile as Luc leapt from the top of a highboy directly into Deke’s arms. “Oof. There you are!” Deke spun in a circle, then flung Luc across the room. Luc twirled around in Jonny’s chair, laughing happily, the huge fangs shining. Deke hooted. “Come on, kitty. The vamps want to get all busy.” Luc waited until the chair stopped, then the huge panther began to stalk Jonny, changing from fuzzy to needy man in a breath. Jonny reached out, his boredom fleeing in the face of that lean, scarred body. He never tired of his mate. Never. Both Kasey and Deke moaned, moving toward them. Luc flowed into his arms, kissing him deeply as Kasey and Deke pressed in from the side. There was nothing like his Luc, like the naked body rubbing and rasping against his clothes. He grabbed that fine ass with one hand, drawing Deke closer with the other.  Luc wrapped one leg around Jonny and began to tug at Kasey’s clothes. Kasey’s soft chuckle made him smile. His old friend was always willing to slow down, to make their lovers wait. Deke groaned. “I know that laugh, buddy.” “We do have our wine to drink.” “No.” Deke arched, rubbing against him, against Luc. “I think so,” Kasey said. “Fine, Luc and I will carry on without you.” Deke grabbed Luc by the nape, lips crashing down on Luc’s hard enough the scent of blood leaked into the air. Kasey growled, the sound uniquely vampire. Jonny laughed, though, joy filling him. His friends… oh, they were good to him. Jonny sipped his wine, Deke’s blood rich on his tongue. “Mmm. It will be better if we share.” Kasey kissed him, and the battle between them was on again. They were two old vamps; they always worked to have the upper hand. Of course, the battle between him and Kasey was dimmed when strong claws tore his trousers open and Luc’s mouth dropped over his cock. Oh, God in heaven. He leaned back against Deke’s wide chest, listening to Kasey kiss Deke right there next to him. Jonny snapped at the air, wanting more. “Hungry vamp,” Deke whispered to him. “I know you want to bite him. To drink.” “I do. I want to.” He wanted the hot rush of blood. He wanted his cock in Luc’s mouth, in his ass. “Soon. Let him suck you off. Let him have you and then you can fuck and feed.” “So evil, Deke.” Kasey groaned softly. “I know. I got something for you too, lover.” Deke winked at Kasey. “All lubed and ready to go.” Kasey’s lips pulled back from his teeth, the hunger sharp and sudden. Jonny moaned. ”Do it, Kasey. I know how much Deke likes to be watched. Put him on his knees and fuck him.” At his words, Luc whimpered, the sound vibrating around his cock. “Don’t worry, Luc. I will take care of you.” “He knows.” Deke’s voice was nothing but a rough growl. Those blank eyes seemed to stare up at him, begging him, so hungry. He pushed a hand through Luc’s thick hair, then held Luc in place while he fucked that sweet mouth. Kasey draped Deke over an ottoman, putting the wolf where he could watch. Deke was addicted to Luc’s need. Those two egged each other on in all ways, all parts of life. Kasey tore Deke’s jeans off, tossing the shreds aside. Vamp strength. Deke moaned deeply when Kasey moved behind him. “Oh, baby. You did get all stretched and everything. Did you use the plug I gave you?” Kasey asked. Jonny thought maybe he was fingering Deke’s ass. “I did. I needed. Take me.” Luc grinned around Jonny’s cock, teeth threatening. “Toothy kit. I will beat you.” Promises, promises. Always, love. I would never let you down. And Jonny would never tire of Luc’s voice in his head. Luc craved the connection of his hand and that sweet, tight ass. Make me come, love, and I will give you what you need. Mate. The single word echoed through him, sharp and bright, delicious. Mine. Luc was his. No other held his heart, or ever had. Luc nodded and swallowed around him, pulling him in so deep. He rocked back and forth, needing more pressure, more friction. Every push in, Luc moaned, sucking and swallowing. His kitty was an addict, wanting more of him. That was what happened when a vampire shared blood. And seed. Mates. Luc sounded so sure. Need you. Anything, love. All he needed was a little more tooth and nail. Luc scratched all the way down his thighs, burning him all the way to the floor. That was the sensation that sent Jonny over the edge. He cried out, coming for Luc, his lover, his mate, his cat. Deke howled softly, Kasey driving into the massive wolf of a man. God, this was the good life. Maybe he should take them all with him and Luc to Moonflower. They would terrorize the continent as a foursome. Luc swallowed Jonny down, then presented his ass for a hard spanking. Oh, yes. This was the life. *** Tune in next month for more!