Hot Off the Press

Hot Off the Press Anthology

Words hold the power to hurt as well as heal, and choosing them is a complicated and delicate process. No one knows this better than the men who work with them every day. Authors, reporters, reviewers, and publishers struggle to balance truth, art, long hours, and stressful jobs. Whether they’re trying to write a novel or advance a career, it can leave little time for love. The men in this anthology are seeking romance on and off the job, in print and online, against backdrops of fact, fiction, and even fantasy. Their tales are different but have one thing in common—there’s a happy ending waiting on the last page. Role Model by Becky Black Perfect Bound by Jack Byrne Author’s Note by Kim Dias Compulsion by Emma Jane McAvoy Made by Dawn Kimberly Johnson The Geometry of the Circle by Rhidian Brenig Jones The Fully Lit Review by Elle Katie Lune On the Shelf by Eliza Maszar Imp by Emily Moreton Love in the Time of Magics by Fil Preis Jester Hinkel and the Thrust of Destiny by Madeleine Ribbon A Perfect Ending by Anne Robins Secret of the Specter by S.S. Skye Late Edition by Jamie Sullivan Java Rocks by Julia Talbot Pagan Moon by Nikki West Available at Amazon.