Cirque Caprice

Cirque Caprice Box Set

Twins Victor and Vance know that their Cirque Caprice is not just about acrobats and trapeze artists. There’s magic involved in the circus, whether it’s runaway psychics or non-human performers that keep everyone jumping. Sometimes running away and joining the circus is just the thing to turn someone’s life around. Victor and Vance both find love within the show, while a pair of male tumblers find the woman of their dreams and ringmaster Amadeo comes back together with a lover from his past. This collection contains the previously released novellas Tarot, Tumbling, Flying, and Ringmaster in the Cirque Caprice series. Available at Amazon. Praise for Tarot “This story had it all mystery, drama, sex and love.” — Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews Praise for Tumbling “I love this story, it was so fun and cute to read. I think Alan and Jules are sweet and so much fun. You really get into the story and just experience the love they have for each other and Lindsey. This is a must read for your library.” — Ronda, The Romance Studio