Hunter’s Moon

Book Cover: Hunter's Moon
Part of the Alpha Triplets series:

When a rogue wolf brings a sweet omega to Derek Lowell's tattoo shop, he takes one deep breath and knows he can't let Ethan leave with the jerk. This omega is meant to be his, and Derek will do whatever he needs to do to save him.

Ethan is a Worthless One, an omega sold to a bad pack as a child, but he has a core of steel under his vulnerable exterior. When Derek offers him a safe haven, Ethan knows he has to try to overcome his past and grab his new Alpha with both hands. Cam Derek keep Ethan safe and teach him how to accept all the gifts Derek has to give him?

This is a non-mpreg Alpha and Omega shifter story where an Alpha triplet finds love, a sweet, loving Omega, and a lot of hot loving!

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives
Cover Artists:

Dragon Scholar

Book Cover: Dragon Scholar
Part of the Dragon Hoard series:
  • Dragon Scholar

Devon Marks loves books more than just about anything. They're his job and his passion, and they've brought him to an auction where he meets the hottest guy he's ever seen. When Brand Drake offers to let Devon come and value his extensive collection at an old mansion high in the Colorado mountains, he knows life as about as good as it gets.

Brand Drake knows he wants Devon the moment they meet, so he goes about adding Devon to his hoard the same way he would an amazing old book. But when Devon starts eating him out of house and home and showing signs that he has emerging dragon traits, he knows he hasn't just found a lover, he's found a mate.

When Devon starts to show signs of something even more amazing, Brand calls on his brothers Eagan and Tyson to help him figure out what to do, as well as how to tell Devon what's going on with his body, which is life-changing, and also dangerous. Someone always wants dragon magic to use, and Brand has to find a way to keep them safe, and to keep Devon with him, hopefully forever.