The Cat House Collection

The Cat House Collection

Werewolf Bay meets werecats Kyle and Abby at the new club in town, and he’s stunned at the immediate connection he has with them. But there’s a killer on the lose. Can Kyle and Abby save Bay and manage to keep him for themselves?

Cole Lee owns half of the Cat House, and lately he seems to own all the troubles that come along with running the club. The chemistry between Alan and Cole might just blind them to the danger they still face. Can they solve the case and still make time to get to know each other in the best possible way?

Layla, half owner of the Cat House, is great at matchmaking, but not so good at finding someone to call her own. Aaron and Jamie have a good thing, but they believe sharing makes it even better. Layla might be the purrfect pleasure to mix with their business, and they’re ready to take what they want.

When paranormal lovers meet at The Cat House, their lives will never be the same.

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