Mixed Breeds

Mixed Breeds Box Set

Sometime love doesn’t color inside the lines, especially not for shifters living in the Human world. Outfoxed: When Werewolf Jason’s friends set him up on a blind date, he doesn’t want to go. Coyote shifter Scott thinks Jason’s worth the effort, though, and he’s willing to put his head together with foxy lady Rita to help Jason loosen up, even if it might put them all in danger. Bear Facts: Jeanette has no interest her werewolf pack’s political wrangling, so she strikes out on her own. When being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, werekitty Neale is happy to come to the rescue, and even happier to bring this sexy lady home to his werebear mate, Zane. Hunted: When Chase and slinky PI Shanna capture Damon poaching on pack land, he knows he has to be very careful, even if these two are all he’s ever wanted. Can he convince them to let him go so he can do his job, or will he stay with them of his own free will? Publisher’s Note: The Mixed Breeds collection contains the previously published novellas Outfoxed, Bear Facts, and Hunted. Available at Amazon. Praise for Outfoxed “…well written and deeply erotic…” — J9, The Romance Reviews “Scott was loveable and infectious and allowed Jason to look beyond his grief. Rita completed the trio with her overt sassiness… a well written short read which I found enjoyable.” — 4 Kisses from Tangie, Two Lips Reviews “Enjoy this spicy romp as a fiery fox and a gentle coyote help to heal a broken hearted wolf. “Outfoxed” will have you turning the pages and looking for the next book.” — 4 Stars from MerryNoelle, Night Owl Reviews Praise for Bear Facts “There’s a lot to be said for an erotic romance when they are not bound by the rules of normal human society. It’s a win-win situation… if you’re short on time and just need that hit of fun and frolic to get you through the day, these types of stories fit in perfectly.” — 4 Stars from Xeranthemum, Long and Short Reviews “Ms. Talbot provided a short tale that is fully evolved. The characters are fully developed and the relationship feels real. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author.” — 4 Lips from Tangie, Two Lips Reviews “Yummy and spicy… Bear Facts is a delightful quick read.” — 4 Stars from MerryNoelle, Night Owl Reviews Praise for Hunted “HUNTED is HOT. The sexual chemistry between Shanna, Chase and Damon will make readers turn down their air conditioning as low as they can go.” — Barb Hicks, Bad Barb’s Place