Buckle Up

Buckle Up Box Set

How many werewolves, magical shops, and cursed gamers fit into one box set? Quite a few when it’s Buckle Up! Magic, mayhem, and hot loving fill every story. Buckle Up: Cody’s trying to find the original owner of an antique belt buckle. Pawn shop owner Kelvin’s happy to help this cowboy find anything he needs. Crazy in Love: Keaton loves Starbucks and Wi-Fi. Dakota loves Keaton. But the city’s a dangerous place for a werewolf. A rescue is definitely in order. Changes in Attitude: A warlock faces off against a werewolf and his lover. Can they all get what they want in the end? Under the Moon: Jamie doesn’t do two things — other werewolves and gaming. Ty might just change his mind. Dream Dice: Thayer has no idea what to expect when he buys new dice at a convention. He certainly doesn’t bargain for barbarian Erlich to enter the picture. Publisher’s Note: Buckle Up (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Buckle Up! Crazy in Love, Changes in Attitude, Under the Moon, and Dream Dice. Available at Amazon.