Spirits: Moonshine

Moonshine – Spirits 1

No one expected a werewolf to be running a moonshine still. Hell, Jenson hadn’t expected to ever be a werewolf. A ridgerunner? Jenson’s seen that coming from birth. He inherited his still in the hills of east Tennessee from his daddy, and from his daddy’s poppa before that. What he hadn’t inherited was lycanthropy. That he’d gotten on a one-night stand of stupid proportions. Now He’s running shine and living in a den built into the mountain when the moon is full. And if he ever again sees that beautiful, skinny, blond son-of-a-bitch who infected him, Jenson’s gonna kill him. But life’s full of the unexpected. And now there’s David, self proclaimed expert tracker, and hunter of the bastard who turned them both. Confused, scared, and hot as hell, David is just the kind of trouble Jenson doesn’t need, and everything he wants. Together, they’ve got a score to settle. If they can keep their mind on the hunt… Publisher’s Note: Moonshine is an edited version of a previously published novella. Available on Amazon.