Faster Bobcat: Hot Tin Roof

Hot Tin Roof – Faster Bobcat 1

Lynx shifter Aleks is a stripper by night. That’s how he pays his rent. He tries not to mix business with pleasure, which is usually easy enough — his customers are mostly bridal parties, and Aleks is into guys. Then the most beautiful man he’s ever seen walks into the club, and all bets are off. Rafe is also a big cat shifter, and he’s immediately drawn to Aleks and all that amazing golden skin. Too bad Rafe doesn’t want anything full time, especially since Aleks wants a Master as well as a lover. Can they find enough common ground to make it work, or will Aleks end up back on stage? Publisher’s Note: Hot Tin Roof (Faster Bobcat 1)is an expanded, edited version of a short story previously published with another house. Available at Amazon.