Elemental Ops: Ice

Ice – Elemental Ops Book 1

Ice won’t let his team at Elemental Ops go with him on what’s supposed to be a suicide mission to uncover a new biological weapon. Imagine his surprise when the biggest danger he finds himself in is being bonded to a baby dragon, and falling in love with said dragon’s Guardian, Keon. Keon isn’t worried about things like guns and governments. He has a whole host of problems in all shapes and colors. When Ice accidentally bonds with one of his baby dragons, Keon is more worried about getting the man to come in from the cold and find a place in their bizarre little family. Can these two find common ground, and keep the dragons safe? Available at Amazon. Praise for Ice “It is a wonderful mix of fairy tale creatures, dragons in all colors, and a sense of modern-day adventure… Add two hot men falling for each other and the slow reveal about what is actually going on in the bigger picture, and this story quickly became a winner for me.” — Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews