Desert Dragons: Adobe Healing

Adobe Healing – Desert Dragons Book 3

Dragonkeepers Oliver and Banger and their lovers Arturo and Mik are trying to juggle more than a dozen dragons, a clutch of new dragon eggs, and an injured coyote shifter deep in the Chihuahuan desert while working out their own relationships. The four of them find a whole new meaning of family even as they fight the elements, a dangerous supply run, and an old face from dragon warrior Mik’s past. Can they keep it together long enough to find out what’s going on with dragonkind? Available at Amazon. Praise for Adobe Healing (Desert Dragons 3) “If you like this series and its colorful twin dragon couples, if you enjoy stories about men who find out that love can change the way they look at everything, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read filled with very hot loving, then you will probably like this short story.” — Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews