The Magic Touch

The Magic Touch

Trinity Broussard doesn’t believe in magic. Not one little bit, a fact her family finds amazing considering that magic is their livelihood. That lifestyle teeters on the brink of extinction if Trinity doesn’t get with the magical program in time for her next birthday. Trinity’s aunt Lorelei is at her wits end. All of her attempts to get Trinity to go along with the plan have failed miserably.

Driven to desperate measures, Lorelei makes a last ditch effort to rev up Trinity’s magical sensitivity. She calls in an expert. Nicholas Deveraux is a man with a mission, summoned by Lorelei to do her bidding. He’s willing, as long as he gets his payoff in the end, and he sets about making magic real for Trinity, any way he has to.

Trinity thinks Nicholas is an arrogant jerk. Nicholas thinks Trinity is an intriguing mix of magical talent and independence. Both of them feel the attraction between them, but neither of them counts on falling for each other, or on how their lives will change when Trinity begins to believe.

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Praise for The Magic Touch

“Julia Talbot creates a witty and quite believable story in her novel: The Magic Touch. The story flowed smoothly and I was taken with Trinity Broussard from the moment that I was introduced!”
4.5 Hearts! — Linda B., The Romance Studio

“The Magic Touch is filled with vivid imagination and eroticism. I loved how the magic portrayed in this story was described with ease and made very believable, I adored the entire cast in this tale of paranormal love. Please do indulge yourself with The Magic Touch.”
— Anita, Fallen Angel Reviews